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Two Foremost Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Discuss What Works – and What Doesn’t

by admin on February 21, 2013

in 1- Mortgage Modification, 2 - Broken Chain of Title

Foreclosure defense attorneys Matt Weidner and Tom Cox tell Mandelman what’s working and what’s not for homeowners in foreclosure courts. This is a transcription of the two conversations. The actual recordings are linked below.

If you’re following someone’s advice in an effort to save your home from foreclosure, how do you know the advice your getting is correct? If you’re planning to sue your bank in court, how do you know what your chances are based on the type of case you’re planning to bring? You don’t.

The short answer is that the REST Report is the nation’s best software at calculating a mortgage modification or broken chain of title (quiet title, try title, clear title, corrupt title). The software has never lost. These attorneys are specific as to what doesn’t succeed.

There’s a lot of experience that goes along with hundreds of successful mortgage modifications, and the coming Tsunami of broken chain of title cases. Experience plus impeccable software – from the bank, no less – and that’s impossible to beat.

Join Mandelman, Weidner, and Cox: the lawyers who are actually in the courts all the time what’s working and what’s not for homeowners facing foreclosure today.

Read my notes and then follow the links below to play PART 1 and then to play PART 2…

Part 1 – Featuring 20 minutes with Florida foreclosure defense attoreney Matt Weidner. After several years, Matt knows what’s real and what’s not. and he pulls no punches straightening things out.

Part 2 – The second part of this first program features Maine attorney, Tom Cox. Tom was a banking lawyer for 30 years who in 2008 set out to help homeowners. It was his deposition of a GMAC employee, Jeffrey Stephan, that brought robo-signing and foreclosuregate onto the CBS television headlines.

Part One:
Matt Weidner
Mortgage crisis has been here for six years.
I’ve been writing this blog since 2009
Homeowner can’t raise Gov’t LPS settlement in court
Much misinformation on Quiet Title out there
State AG settlement did nothing for homeowners in foreclosure
Read National Mortgage Settlement website
Can’t be raised in court
Replete with laws – none of which benefit the homeowner
REMIC – no prosecution without the IRS recognizance
Robosigner evidence means nothing
Ineffective assistance by counsel
Way more misinformation for court foreclosure than accuracy
We are way too early to assure Broken Title
You risk unfavorable conclusion that affects others
Very few Quiet Title cases out there
There is no wave of Quiet Titles – Public Recorded so easy to find
Typical Quiet Title costs tens of thousands of dollars
If homeowner fails, may be liable for opposing counsel also
Robosigning evidence is not changing any decisions
Banks are modifying loans – foreclosures are slowing down
All or nothing approach doesn’t work
Consumers must be sure that Securitization Audit or Forensic Audit or Credit Default Swap Audit. None of these are recognized in court.
The REST has always been recognized in court – every time
Court standards for admitted evidence (REST Report)
Must be admitted to Critical Inquiry in court
Just because foreclosures are slowing down means nothing for improvement.
Settling and discussion w/ bank is the best way to go

This is the first time I’ve ever heard comparison of the REST Property Solutions Report compared to Securitization Audit and Forensic Audit. Audits don’t work. The REST PSR does. As long as I had the solution, I didn’t worry about what didn’t work. It’s amazing to hear all those other remedies don’t succeed.

Listen to Matt Weidner here

Part Two:
Tom Cox
Jeffrey Stephan the Robo-signer goes unpunished
Tom Cox deposed Jeffrey Stephan
No imminent wholsale notification of Corrupt Title
Foreclosures have slowed down – that means stalling by the banks
Proof of Robo-signing means little or nothing
No evidence of Quiet Title mass success
No free houses
Homeowner has no standing to raise REMIC violations
Homeowners have no US Constitutional Right to an Attorney
in a civil case
Tom Cox prosecuted the LPS settlement
Homeowner must prove misconduct by the servicer – almost impossible to prove currently
Pervasive judicial attitude is homeowner must meet responsible obligations
Big re-default of mortgages coming – again
No mortgages were wiped out
There is no Congressional movement to fix this mess
Forensic Audits generally do not work
Suing a major bank is never easy, cheap, or fast
Servicer always seems to do something blatantly egregious while still in litigation.
Don’t seem to be any block Quiet Title cases – They’re unique
Tens of Thousands of Dollars to prosecute Quiet Title
Homeowner could be responsible for opposing attorney expenses
Try to get mortgage modification first
Blunt conversations with Distressed Homeowner – Move on
Must understand the intense pressure on marriages from foreclosure
Verify everything you hear on the internet – including this
Do your research
Judicial foreclosures in Oregon
States are headed for Judicial foreclosures
Judicial states hold attorneys responsible for court-failed
Judicial foreclosures now prominent in Nevada
Can do Judicial foreclosure in any state
Can’t force mortgage servicers to litigate

Listen to Tom Cox here

Read the interview intro here

This YouTube video describes the REST Report for Do it Yourself mortgage modification. Go here: How to Get A Beneficial Loan Modification Now Please ‘Like’ the video, will you? That makes it easier for others to find.

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